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Product Information

Colour Chart

 We use a wide selection of premium polar fleece.

The cuffs will match the fleece colour.
Should you wish to choose your own
 colour combination of fleece and ribbing,
please visit our page.


Irregular Sizes & Custom Made









Please measure your pet prior to purchasing to avoid ordering the wrong size.

You will save yourself time and money if you don't skip this important step.

The chest measurement is the MOST IMPORTANT. Your dog's weight is not a reliable way to choose clothing sizes.

Please read all sizing information carefully to insure you get the best fit for your dog. 


Dog MUST be STANDING with head UP when taking measurements

Sitting or lying down will give WRONG measurements


Note: Select the correct size mainly based on the Chest measurements

          If measurements fall between two sizes, please select the larger



How to measure your dog

     1. Back:  from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, lying the tape measure along
                  the back.
     2. Chest: around the largest part of the chest, right behind the front legs.

     3. Neck:  all the way around the neck, where the collar would sit.


Size Chart
   Size      Chest      Back       Neck   
    20   26-28     20   16-18
    25   30-36     25   20-24
    30    36-40     30   26-30
    35   42-46     35   26-30
    40   48-52     40   30-34
    45   54-60     45   30-34
    50   60-64     50   36-40
    55   62-68     55   36-40
    60   68-72     60   42-46
    65   72-74     65   42-46
    70   74-80     70   46-50
    75   82-86     75   46-50
    80   88-92     80   50-54


All measurements are in cm


Custom made DoggieJama
available for Hard-to-fit dogs 


Product Code: TESA31

Customer Reviews

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Perfect pj's

I had my last Moodle for 15 yrs and in all that time she only needed 3 Doggie Jamas. That gives you an idea of the quality. Beautiful soft fleece of excellent quality with well placed ribbing around the arms and neck which hold the garment in place perfectly. I searched for warm pyjamas WITH a tummy, not a strap as that's where our fur babies feel cold. I finally feel ready to love again and will have my new toy Moodle in less than 4 wks. She will only weigh about 1.5 kgs so of course her Jamas will be custom made. Love this Aussie company. Quality, design and very well priced. Thank you DoggieJamas.

Sandy :: Aug 19 2018, 20:56 PM

they great!

The DoggieJama’s are great! - my dogs mini Schnuazers, Rosie and Charlie. We are really impressed with your DoggieJama’s and will tell our friends about them.

Julia Riley :: Jul 14 2018, 17:42 PM


Zoey, wearing her new DoggieJama. It’s her second one and honestly there is nothing better! nothing better!

Vicki Walker :: Jul 14 2018, 17:40 PM

Excellent PJs

Thank you for the doggie jama. I have attached a photo of our 12 year old boy 'Doug' wearing it. It fits perfectly and will keep the warmth in. The fabric is so soft, allows him to stretch freely and doesn't destroy it as all jumpers before. I love how it has bands around the neck, legs and it's long so it will keep his back warm. It's just what I have been looking for but have never been able to find. Warm regards, Megan Edleston

Megan Edleston :: Jun 23 2018, 11:17 AM

Perfect fit and so affordable!

So happy to finally have a warm dog coat that fits my Dalmatian and such an affordable price for custom made!! Extremely fast postage too!

Sarah :: May 25 2018, 13:09 PM

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